Ryan Group Fresh Produce

Ryan's is all about freshness you can taste, values you can trust.

Our Butchers go to great lengths to ensure we have top quality Irish Poultry, Irish Lamb, Irish Pork and Irish Beef available, they are always glad to give guidelines on cooking instructions and suggestions for meal ideas.

Our 'Prepared by our Butcher' range goes that extra step ensuring you get a premium product, something that's sure to impress those at the kitchen table at home.

Our Ryan's 'Prepared by Fishmonger' range offers a superior range of the freshest and best seafood, everything from fresh salmon darnes to mouth-watering fish cakes.

Ryan's Deli provide a large selection of freshly prepared gourmet salads, sandwiches and rolls. Our hot counter is sure to whet your appetite with hot carvery roast options available daily. We have a Pizzeria where you can customise your own pizza to your choice. We've a wide variety of toppings to choose from, our staff can cook it for you in minutes.

If you're looking for something savoury, look for our meats counter, we cook fresh in store hams and turkey breast each day and we cut it to you specific requirements.

We have a Cheese Counter displayed with an extensive range of cheese, everything from a rich red cheddar, to a pale French Brie to the distinct appearance of a Blue Cheese.

Within our award winning off licence we stock a large variety of wines from different countries across the world. We have beer range including local craft beer. Our in store experts will be at hand to offer tips and advice on the best drink for you or your party/occasion.

We have an extended range within our health and wellness aisle.

If you are looking for gluten free products, we have a designated coeliac friendly section ensuring you can adhere to your dietetic needs.We look to cater for everyone's needs, we have a new and improved vegetarian and vegan friendly section, which is hugely popular.

At Ryan's we are passionate about great food, our head chefs and kitchen staff work hard to bring you delicious kitchen favourites and culinary delights right across the Ryan's Supper Pot range;

Our bread is thanks to our hard working skilled bakers who begin work at 2am every morning mixing flour and dough to make sure you have the freshest bread available straight from our hot ovens.

Within our patisserie we make fresh occasion cakes, buns, donuts, tarts, and all the other sweet treats for that special occasion.

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